Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Into the Fire by Leslie Kelly

The only thing columnist Lacey Clark dislikes more than fellow columnist Nate Logan is her own boring existence. She wants to be spontaneous, spirited...sexy. So when she meets a gorgeous stranger at a party and falls in lust at first sight, she figures she'll never have a better chance to go for it. How could she guess that her first-class lover would turn out to be her number one enemy?

Nate Logan can't believe it! How could he have had the best sex of his life with the woman who's made his job a living hell? And how can he want her again...and again? Worse, their publisher is suddenly insisting Nate and Lacey collaborate on a joint column. Which leaves Nate wondering if he's going to seduce Lacey into changing her mind -- or give up and let the sexy blonde blow his...

MUMBLINGS: And it doesn't get any HOTTER that THIS! Oh man! I started out appreciating Leslie Kelly's work when I read "She's got the Look" & "She's no Angel" AND THIS changes everything! What caught my attention at first was how Lacey was related to J.T., her boss. The narration of the story was all mysterious and all and the impression it gave off was anxiety in Lacey's part on what J.T. would reveal to the whole of Baltimore during that time. It turned mysterious into hilarious in the blink of an eye when Lacey met Nate, her known nemesis. Why hilarious?

1.) They did not know each other
2.) Nate decided to go on a little swim ACCIDENTALLY, mind you, after watching a grand show featuring Lacey's hot lingerie.
3.) Lacey was unaware that she was not alone in the gym and that she was giving off a peepshow while bouncing on a trampoline.
4.) Lacey saves Nate and because it was practically 4th of July with all the sparks flying they end up having wild-monkey-no-holds-bar-sex on the trampoline.

And last but not the least reason why it's so hilarious?

5.) Because after the sex they DID NOT lock the gym door and ended up getting caught by Lacy's father, J.T.(Oh yeah! That was a real sucker punch for Nate since J.T.'s also his boss),  and best friend, Raul.

Can you now see why I love her sooo much?!
What's awesome? The reason Nate and Lacey are enemies in the first place is because of their different beliefs in human attraction. YEAH! It's the battle of the sexes!

So it's basically:
So?Where'll you place your bet?

Summary source: http://fictiondb.com/author/leslie-kelly~into-the-fire~50619~b.htm

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