Friday, July 8, 2011

Bad Attitude by Sherrilyn Kenyon

SUMMARY: BAD agent Sydney Westbrook must find the perfect sniper for a risky counter-terrorism mission. J.D. Steele, a military sniper whose attitude problem landed him in prison, seems a good candidate. But as they're dragged into a secret world of freelance killers, Sydney begins to discover the man of honor and passion beneath Steele's arrogant facade. It's a man even Steele didn't know he could be -- and a man whose mission will risk the life of the only woman he's ever loved...

MUMBLINGS: This story took me by total surprise. It's not that I didn't like it, it's just it didn't quite meet my expectations of the characters. Not in a bad way, though. It was mostly about sydney. She has a badass personality in the office especially when it comes to men (how're the ball's Hunter?). I admired her in that term, but turns out she isn't as jaded as she seems. She hasn't even killed anybody for Christsake! But, hey, in the middle of the story she turned into this cool person while taking Steele for cover. And it totally bummed me in the end when Steele found out that the assasin the other competing company of BAD was his sister. But s'all good. It turned out great actually!

Oh!Oh! And let's not forget about Joe and Tee! Ahhhh! I can't wait for those two to fall in love as much as in bed! ahahaha

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