Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Born to Be B.A.D. by Sherrilyn Kenyon

SUMMARY: In the all-new "One BAD Night" the bureau believes that agent Jason Banks has sold them out. Agent Samantha Winslow has never particularly cared for Jason, whom she reluctantly finds attractive, and she volunteers to bring him in. Under orders to infiltrate his rogue mission and kidnap him, she is also trying to pull off the ultimate double-cross. But who would have guessed that Jason would be so pleased to be her captive?

MUMBLINGS: Girl Power! Yeah! It's fun to see how men grovel for their lives even a man as smooth as Agent Banks. This story really made me tingle to the bones. I hope you guys read this. I am totally at loss of words so before I make a fool out of myself because of spouting crazy things I'll just leave you to hang out and decide whether this is a good read or not :)

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