Friday, July 1, 2011

Blame it on the GIRL?! SERIOUSLY?!

Ever been cheated by someone you love?
Most probably those who come here experienced being cheated in a way.

Well ladies let's just say that life is sometimes unfair and beings living on earth can be a bit sexist. Wait. I think that was a huge understatement. Take for example the picture above. Wouldn't it be too much of a shock if, after finding out that your spouse was cheating on you, that you were being held responsible for being cheated on.

It's sad to think that most of the women who're being told that believe it. Seriously!

Repeat after me.

It is NOT my fault!

MUMBLINGS: This topic reminds me of the book "Fast Women" by Jennifer Crusie.

It's about a newly divorced woman named Nell who was trying to rise from her current circumstance starting by taking a temporary job as a secretary. She was okay  to believe that her ex husband just ran out of love for her and she honestly believed that he wasn't cheating on her during their marriage when just a few days (I think) he remarried a D cup biatch. To think she gave her all for their marriage, she even let people think that Tim, her ex, was the one behind the success of the firm they both own. Her great perception towards her husband suddenly changes when her bestfriends come in to tell her that Tim was cheating on her all along. Somehow that flipped a switch in her. She stomped to the office she used to run and also the one she grew to be proud of. She confronts Tim about all of what she learned and imagine what Tim said.

REASON? Because he didn't want to hurt her and think that she lacked something in anyway.

THAT'S the reason why he left all of the sudden one Christmas day ladies. To be gone for good with a divorce settlement in hand. Good for Nell to have told him that, "No! I would have thought that YOU weren't good enough for ME to be worth my suffering. I wouldn't have thought that I lacked something because you were a lying little weasel!"

I DID whoop at that point even though books were supposed to be read quietly. Thank God she found love and the perfect revenge against Tim in the end. <3

So there you have it ladies. Never THINK that it's your fault that your relationship failed. If you tried to make it work and you didn't cheat then your on the right.

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  1. Another thought, why is it that when men cheat it's alright but when women it's not? Total sexist. Tsk