Thursday, June 30, 2011

Andy Eigenmann's Pregnancy: CONFIRMED!

After numerous rumors have been flying around about Filipina Young Actress Andi Eigenmaann's Pregnancy her mom confirms it all by granting an interview to clarify some misunderstanding about the father of the baby Andi is carrying.

Ms. Jaclyn Jose's Statement on Andi Eigenmann's Pregnancy

“I just want to tell everyone, yes, it’s true my daughter is pregnant. Hindi madali, pero kelangan ko tanggapin. Kasi mahal ko siya at anak ko siya. Wala naman ibang tutulong sa kanya kundi ako at ang kanyang pamilya.”

Jacklyn Jose says that she takes this situation as a blessing rather than a burden. As to the father of the baby, she'd most prefer to not get involved with their family and that they could give love and comfort for both Andi and the baby even without him. 

There are still speculations on who the father of the unborn child is. It's been buzzing around that the father of the baby is either "Mara Clara" lead male star Albie CasiƱo or the son of former President Erap Estrada, Jake Ejercito.
Both have been involved with Andi and so far both sides have submitted a statement in their involvement with Andi's pregnancy. Jake twitted that, "I'd just like to ask everyone not to jump into conclusions and misinterpret what has been said. I am not Andi's first boyfriend" and he also added, "Let us just respect and pray for her, her baby, and family,".

And in defense for Albie his mother went on to say that they are not denying not confirming his involvement. Remembering that just a few weaks back Albie had a titter war with Andi causing Andi's father, Mark Gil, to preach to Albie to stop harassing his daughter.

MUMMBLINGS:  The only good thing in this situation, I think, is that at least Andi hasn't been scorned by the masses for what she has done. Guys, who do you think is the father of Andi's baby? I personally think it's Albie. Why? Well let's just say that given they had a fight on twitter and I was really wondering why Albie said those words, which in some involved "cheater", to her when she's already involved with someone else. Since Ms. Jacklyn's confirmation that Andi is indeed pregnant, well it added light to as to why Albie and Andy had that little verbal spat on twitter. It's obvious that Jake isn't the father since Ms. Jacklyn made it clear that the father is Andi's First Boyfriend. 

Gosh, it must be awkward between Andi and Jake right now. Right guys?  Hmmm... Let's just wait and see who the real culprit is all in due time. 

You know guys I find it such a waste of talent. Taken from the limelight as such a premature time. Tsk

Well, one thing is true and has been awaited by many, the knowledge that Andi is 18 weeks and a few days pregnant and the she will be giving birth before Christmas.

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