Monday, June 27, 2011

PGT Season 2 Grand Winner- Marcelito Pomoy sways Araneta Coliseum by singing "The Prayer"!

25-year-old Marcelito Pomoy has rocked the stage he was performing on during the first screening for Pilipinas Got Talent Season Two and he has yet again rocked Araneta Colesium with his lovely rendition of "The Prayer".

When he first sung for the crowd he looked calm and guileless that many people would overlook him. But when he opened his mouth to sing "Narito Ako" by Regine Velasquez the crowd went wild even show hosts- Luis Mansano and Billy Crawford (who looked totally bored before Marcelito started singing),and judges- AiAi delas Alas, Kris Aquino, and Freddie "FMG" Garcia were dumbfounded.

Marcelito went to Manila to find and reunite with his family and by PGT he managed to achieve that goal. Little did he know that he would also be the cause of a major uproar on the internet.Later he became one of youtubes video hits garnering over a truckload of views in one day.

MUMBLINGS: The first time I saw Marcelito walk to the center of the stage during the screening, I was just like other's who were obviously bored to tears. I was even thinking, and probably the others too, that this'll just be another waste of time.

But something in the way he walks and the confidence he so obviously posesses made me think twice. And he did not disappoint. The moment he opened his mouth the crowd had gone wild. Even Luis Manzano and Billy Crawford, who were tinkering with thier phones at the entrance side of the stage, looked up and had astounded looks on their faces mouths wide agape. They begin to jump up and down, throwing their fists in the air and shouting "This is it!This is it! We have our grand winner!". Little did they know that a few weeks later what they spouted actually came true. Honestly people, I was having doubts as to who would become the grand winner when many's sympathy went to "Happy Feet" who has also shown not only great but unique talent in the eyes of Pinoy's.

But there you have it boy's and girl's! As Marcelito sung "The Prayer", little did he know that his own personal prayer was being heard. He's family was complete just to watch his performance and he managed to become the new grand winner for PGT. I'm actually excited what talents will pop up this next season.

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