Sunday, June 26, 2011

ABS-CBN Director Ricky Rivero answer on The Buzz about Hans Ivan Ruiz!

In case nobody knows about the incident that happened to former actor turned director Ricky Rivero, he was stabbed repeatedly seventeen (17) times by the suspect- a friend, who he met a few months before on facebook, named Hans Ivan Ruiz. While Director Ricky was recovering from the fatal wounds inflicted on him by the suspect the media went into a frenzy over this and a few powerful voices in showbiz shows a reaction of utter furry and wonderment as to why this would happen to such a kind person.

On the other hand Ruiz openly admits that He was not at all aware that he was stabbing Ricky and only snapped out of the trance when Ricky tries to defend himself and asking why he was doing that to him. He also claims that after he snapped out from the trance he even helped the director wash up the wounds and look for help but the the evidence says otherwise.

The director's sister said on an interview that what Hans' feeble attempts of an excuse were pathetic and that he should be ashamed of himself. She also said that a case will be filed against him and he will pay for what he has done.

MUMBLINGS: What I admire so much about Director Ricky during this interview is that he openly admitted that something did happen between the suspect and the him before but it was clear that it will never lead into anything more because aside from the fact that probably they both felt that it wasn't worth ending their friendship over, Hans was also in a relationship. He also admits that he, too, was baffled about the reason why that was done to him since he and Hans haven't fought about anything or even had any misunderstandings that he knows of at that time. 

This happening has garnered a great reaction from TV host and manager Boy Abunda. He openly said on his late night show "The Bottom Line" and "The Buzz" that  he felt infuriated and bereft in behalf of all bisexuals who suffer indignities just like this situation and I think he felt the need to defend these people because masses nowadays judge these people, instead of them being victims people make them as the villains. 

Personally, I agree with Mr. Boy Abunda that these people should not suffer the scrutiny of being judged by strangers in concern to their choices be it love or their lifestyle. AND I also think that if people could judge Bisexuals on who they are and what they are, why don't they look at themselves first. Ask themselves  if they aren't hiding something. At least these people have the courage to be open with their preferences.  I just hate it when other people talk before they think. Don't you realize, as to what happened to Director Ricky, that they've suffered enough nightmare?

It's just sad to think that people seem so narrow minded on these kinds of matters. 

People, I may seem biased because I am! It's not that I'm 'Bi'. It has something to do with my circle of friends. We're a rowdy group of everything mixed together and we love, respect, and cherish each other and we try to be there for each other as much as we can. And if you ask me....


We are all human. We commit mistakes with the choices we make, but we don't deserve to be condemned because of them. Take for example that you were looking at yourself on the ground and shaking. A line has been crossed on sand and there's a single stone in your hand, would you choose to throw that stone at yourself for making the mistake or do otherwise?

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