Thursday, June 23, 2011

The French Count's Pregnant Bride by Catherine Spencer

SUMMARY:  Passion, pregnancy...and an arranged marriage?
Diana Reeves's search to find her birth mother takes her to a French village, and into the employ of Anton, Comte de Valois.
It's not long before their shared passion leads to pregnancy and Anton insists on marrying Diana. But his intense desire to father a child causes Diana to question his motives for marriage....

MUMBLINGSI know I promised to follow the B.A.D. collection but this, THIS book tempted me! This book is full of surprises and hot scenes. Well, not as hot as the other books I've read but, yeah, it'll do. The thing that attracted me to this story was the fact that the main characters had an unplanned baby on the way. Those who follow my mumblings, know for a fact that I'm a sucker for these kinds of stories. Anyway, in the near end you'll find lot's of unexpected twist and turns that'll just squeeze your heart

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