Thursday, June 23, 2011

Captivated by You by Sherrilyn Kenyon

SUMMARY:  The second sexy story in her series featuring the Bureau of American Defense. Rhea Stevenson is a "BAD" agent who has just been handed her most challenging assignment. She must go undercover as a dominatrix to bring in a deadly terrorist. The only upside is that her fellow agent, "Ace" Krux, whom she has long desired, is her training partner. Almost immediately the roles of master and slave are wonderfully blurred and Rhea and Ace unleash a wealth of hidden desire.

MUMBLINGS: This would probably be the most funniest story I have ever read this month! I've stumbled on the first book of Sherrilyn Kenyon's series "B.A.D" by accident when I bought a series book and at first I wasn't even aware that that one story was actually part of a collection. Anyway, the first story was a bit intense, yes, it was  funny but not like this! the characters pose as something lethal yet they display charm and those who think they're harmless would really think otherwise when they go all combat mode. What I like about this is that the male character was the one determined to have the female main character. They both have very noble reason's why they ended up doing what they do and they're verbal sparing would rather turn you on than make you want to take sides at whoever you'd think has a point.

Anyway, now I'm following the series and hopefully I'll be able to post my thoughts about the next book by tomorrow. Till then, adieu!

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