Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nabagot kaya si Mamang Driver? Jeepney Trip

Today, me and a co-worker rode a jeep heading for work. It was one thing to be almost late for work and getting reprimanded by the boss but it's quite another to have to listen to Shakira sing "Waka Waka" on the stereo of the jeep you're riding. Honestly, I'd rather be shot than to hear another tune, word, or anything remotely related to "Waka Waka" again. 

Don't get me wrong, Shakira is more than an okay singer/artist and the song has it's quirks but, DEAR GOD! - to hear it at almost everywhere you go, every corner you turn to seems a bit extreme. Yeah! Yay for those who were involved in producing "Waka Waka", but man tune it down a bit.

So anyway, I kept on complaining about the sound, grumbling on my own and thinking that no one was minding me when the music suddenly changed into "Poker Face". I looked at the front seat noticing that Mamang driver was looking at me and the shook his head and went back to focusing on the road.

I didn't even try to hide my amusement!
Really, do you think Mamang driver was irritated or not?

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