Monday, June 20, 2011

Working and Sleeping?! Afternoon siesta.

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Why? Because almost all the employees in our office are sleeping including our boss and the guess what their postures are! RIGHT! The classic sitting down while prettending to work posture! Really funny  though cuz the doors are always open in our office and it doesn't have any block to prevent it from closing should a strong wind blow making it close itself. So anyway, the people were sleeping -THANK GOD even though I'm sleepy I have the drive to at least finish up what I'm doing because I really need a little breathing room with the workload- and strong wind blows the door close really loud bringing the guys into an abrupt attention!

Really! I can't stop myself from laughing making my sleepiness fade away and my tummy to hurt so much!

Whoo! What a BLAST! Good thing they didn't  end up like this little guy...
Poor kid :p

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