Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Party: Go or No Show

So, here's the thing. There are witches in every one of us gals and there are witches that are just plain witches by pulling our hair and running away just for the hell of it. Well, in my life at this time there are a bunch of witches who prefer to have the title of both witch and scrooge.

I know you probably have no idea what I'm blabbing about and you're probably thinking that I should go get my head seen, but actually I'm just facing a faze of sulkiness. Why? Well, let's just say that one of the (rather- my) most awaited events in the office is the Christmas Party- hey, everyone probably likes to party right and in this case extra BONUS and you have exchanging gifts and food- but it looks like this year we won't be having one unless we organize our own party. Bummer. So I had to blame someone, right? Well, I'll let you in on a little secret: Some people here in our office are just plain asses, and some are pure insensitive and mean and spiteful.

Gawd, it makes me mad to think what people would do just for a little power play... I do believe in Karma though. But anyway 'sal good. I can get by as long as I could arrange my own Christmas party for friends. Oh and if you ask me ladies and gents what I'd want in Christmas, just in case someone there's feeling a bit generous, this would probably be it:


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