Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Looking Back: My 'Baby Steps' on Photo Editing and Drawing

I've been thinking about the past these last few couple of days and I've been tinkering with my stuffed toy collection which I have started for as long as I could remember. Whew... You should get a load of all those dust *cough* *cough *choke* *cough*... Huh... No wonder my mom never let me in here... So I cleaned all the stuffed toys and took out The Box which is like a treasure chest for me and I even had it painted gold and now it is a bit soggy because of old age.

I remembered that I had these cute pictures I took when I was a kid, and there are lots of them. I decided to make a scrap book out of all the memorabilia's I've collected throughout the years. When I was in the middle of the page of my scrap book I ran out of trinkets and pictures to put on the other pages. You may say that I have a vast amount of pictures but my mom just wont let me cute all those pictures so I chose quite a few from the lot. When an idea came to me and I looked through Facebook for my first drawings and edits. I have long been editing photos and cartoons and anime drawings and some of those first few batches haven't been on my current computer since my last computer was  reformatted because of some virus I had to make do with some of what I've uploaded on the net. Distorted pixels and it'll do.

So anyway, when I went through all my stuff I kinda got this tingling sensation and this great warmth I hadn't felt in a long time spread all over me. My mind was flashing like a movie inside my head and there I see myself doing feeble attempts to draw and edit... Oh and just in case you guys are interested in my work here's a few:


In spite of all the insecurities I have since animators and photo editors are popping up left and right with wonderful stuff they post all over the net, I still feel proud of my word though.

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